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Payment will proceed with Paypal – through Patrick’s account. (Credit cards accepted too!)

$299 – Includes all four days:

   Thursday and Friday facilitator traning.

   Friday – Sunday workshops.



Here you can see the regular workshop page for other attendees.

Here’s the intro. Letter from Tomás:

I am back from Buenos Aires and ready to immerse myself into a new project: The Tango Facilitator Training. The vision behind this project is to help communities grow in skill and connection. I find this possibility very exciting and I would like you to consider joining my first training event.
During my upcoming yearly visit to Missoula, MT (July 24-29), I will be offering a four-day training on **Tango Facilitation**. This is a new concept in Argentine Tango and I believe it can make a difference in the scene. You know my teaching and know how much I like to complicate things, but this time I will keep it simple and practical.  
– 1 Tango Facilitator Training
– 14 hours of Training
– 5 Public Workshops
– 3 Milongas
– $299
This facilitator training is embedded amongst the tango workshops that I will be giving in Missoula. The Tango Facilitation training will  start two days prior to the workshops, on Thursday and Friday. These two days will be an in-depth look at what and how I will be teaching in the upcoming workshops, including information on specific technique and mechanics, structural and progression frameworks, as well as the conceptual context for all the content. The goal will be to help you to become as proficient as possible in all the material that will be presented publicly, so that you can assist me and help others during the public classes.
Generally, during workshops and public classes, I like to keep lesson content as simple and fun as possible to facilitate learning and encourage social connection. However, during the Facilitation Training I will open the tango pandora box so you can look inside and learn the nuances. 
Facilitators will have two days to learn and practice all the content, and will be expected to manage the content in both dancing roles, to the best of their skill, by Friday evening. On Friday, all Facilitators will be assigned a set of tasks to be fulfilled during the weekend. Some of these tasks will be to assist me during class in different capacities, and/or to help with the logistics of the event.
This format not only enriches your understanding of teaching and learning tango, but also give you an immediate opportunity to practice and integrate what you learned in a real-time tango class setting. You can practice, with my direct supervision and support.R
Let me know if this project sounds exciting to you. I hope you can join us.