Requirements for Classes


General for all classes:

Wear smooth soles shoes that allow you to pivot on the ball of your foot.
Here’s some thoughts on Getting Tango Shoes.
Please do not wear street shoes to classes at the studios.
Please be respectful of other dancers: dress appropriately, be conscious of breath and body odors, and please limit cologne or perfume for those that are sensitive.

Beginning Class:

Everyone is welcome! 
No previous dance experience is necessary. 
Singles and couples are welcome. We encourage, though don’t require, couples to rotate with other dancers. This helps with learning and dancing with your partner too!
Try to attend a whole six-week series. You can usually still join the second week of the series if you miss the first week. You can also catch up for missed classes if you attend a practica.
Attend practicas if you can. It will help you learn more quickly.

Continuing Class:

Instructor approval is required for attending the continuing class. 
Students need to have some familiarity with the basic elements of Argentine Tango including: the cross, ochos, walking, embrace, molinete, rock steps, touch steps, and pauses!
It’s usually recommended for students to take two or three beginning classes before progressing to Continuing Tango and check with the instructors of the Continuing class to see if you are ready!

Advanced/Tango Dance Team Class:

Instructor approval is required to attend this class. Please check in with the instructors if you are wanting to join this class and they can give you specific input on what elements you could focus on in your practice so that you will be ready for the class and also feel comfortable with the material.

Advanced students should have 2 years experience, be actively dancing at practicas, milongas and classes and even attending special workshops or seminars when possible. “Advanced” means that students are comfortable with the intermediate-level vocabulary dancing their primary role – lead or follow. Students can dance this material without hesitation, in time with the music, and in a comfortable embrace (in both open and close). The intermediate-level material includes all the beginning vocabulary and also includes ganchos, boleos, barridas, sacadas, leg wraps, and adornos. We may still work on intermediate & basic elements in this class, but in unusual combinations with a focus on musicality and finer technique. Fundmentals will be deeply worked to fine tune alignment, axis and connection. The advanced class will also explore the more difficult rhythmic combinations, plus the off-axis steps. Some familiarity with these steps and rhythms is helpful.

Advanced students should also be able to execute the beginning level material in their non-primary role. Students in this class will be encouraged to switch roles in the drills and practice exercises in order to focus on technique and fundamentals.