Missoula Fall Tango Festival – Sept. 20-22, 2019 

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Hernan Prieto and Daniela Roig


Felipe Martinez and Ayano Yoneda

About Daniela & Hernan 

Daniela & Hernan were born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since  they first met, they have learned tango from teachers with different traditions and a myriad of artistic disciplines.

D&H have been teaching and performing tango for more than 10 years. They were part of the exclusive staff of La Viruta (the most famous milonga in Buenos Aires), working together with some of the most well known “Maestros”. 

As a result of these incredible and diverse experiences, they have developed their own unique style, which expresses their joy, appreciation, and true love for the tango.

They have chosen Chicago, Illinois to open their own studio Almagro Tango where they  give regular tango classes. From there, they travel to other destinations in North America and beyond to  conduct seminars and exhibitions. At recognized festivals they are well-known for the quality of their teaching and receive the best of reviews. Periodically they return to their hometown of Buenos Aires, where they are reunited with their loved ones and culture.


With over 10 years of experience in ballet and contemporary dance, she joins  the world of tango with the help of many outstanding and well-known teachers with whom she had the pleasure of dancing and teaching. Her time at different schools and milongas has made her a versatile dancer.  For seven years she has served as an instructor and dancer at the renowned milonga, “La Viruta Tango,” where along with her partner, Hernan Prieto, she has co-organized  “La Viruta por la tarde.”  Recognized for her elegance, expressiveness, and technique, Daniela has participated in numerous classes, festivals, and exhibitions in Buenos Aires and in different cities of the United States and Canada.



He was born into a family with a love for tango. Since childhood, porteña music has surrounded him as well as prominent figures from the world of tango, such as Goyeneche and Virulazo, among others, who regularly visited his family home. In his teens, he began to get more involved in the world of tango and milongas. He studied with some of the most famous dancers and milongueros of Buenos Aires. From them, he learned the technique, codes, and love of the dance.  Since then, his quest to integrate technique, emotion, enjoyment, and joy into his dance has continued and he has become, not only an excellent dancer and teacher, but also a favorite DJ of many milongas and festivals.  He is noted for his detailed and precise explanations, his warmth and sense of humor, and his deep love for tango and its culture.


Felipe & Ayano came together in the tango scene of the SF Bay Area, and embody the global nature of tango, traveling full-time throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Asia to teach, DJ, and lecture about the music. They also spend time annually in Buenos Aires studying and enjoying the dance and its history. 

Felipe’s background includes a degree in education and more than 20 years of experience in tango and is widely renown for his clear teaching strategy, enthusiastic personality, and ability to make real improvements in your dancing. 

Ayano has been dancing tango since 2005 and is an accomplished and motivated dancer, with excellent movement technique and musicality. She has been teaching with Felipe for the past few years around the country and abroad. 

Together, their demonstrations are clear and precise, offering students an excellent model of movement and showing a deep knowledge and respect for the genre. Both Felipe and Ayano lead and follow interchangeably which is invaluable for teaching. Their series at Stanford University and their classes at The Beat in Berkeley are always in high demand, which is a tribute to their teaching excellence and wide appeal. We are very fortunate to have tango professionals of this caliber in Missoula. Come join us for a wonderful learning experience !!!


As a DJ, Felipe has played music at most important festivals in the US like those in Portland, San Francisco, Baltimore, Denver, Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, Fort Bragg, Austin, Houston as well as in many other communities like Providence, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal. He DJs regularly in the Bay Area at The Beat, Genesis, Alberto’s and The Great Northern (former El Valenciano) and has also played music in Europe (Spain, Germany, Istanbul) and Buenos Aires, where he was invited to play music at El Beso and Villa Malcolm Club in several occasions. He was also invited to DJ in Asia at the Seoul Tango Festival (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), the Bali Tango Festival, the Taipei Tango Festival, the Singapore Tango Festival and the Hong Kong Tango Marathon, as well as in Tainan, Taichung and Tokyo. Felipe’s musical selection is based on the classics that ensure a great atmosphere for dancing.


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